Lucie Chantale Bergeron, Professional Aquatic Photographer

A Passion for Capturing Unforgettable Moments with Underwater Photos

Lucie Chantale Bergeron became an underwater photographer as a result of an intense desire to nurture her overwhelming creativity. Combined with her passion for water, underwater photography quickly became the obvious and perfect medium to bring her whimsical creativity to life while allowing her clients to experience magical moments. And that’s how Ébullition Photos was born.

Experience Beauty Underwater

Lucie Chantale Bergeron encourages you to try a unique experience and explore a new side of yourself. Her aim is to gradually develop a close relationship with her clients to ensure each session is an enriching and liberating experience. Harness your beauty and learn to let yourself go with Ébullition Photos!

An unbridled imagination is the brain behind ÉBULLITION. As I contemplate life’s beauty behind the lens, I can finally allow myself to shape creativity that is as bold and incomparable as it is exclusive. It’s exciting to explore these new paths kept afloat by originality! Every experience is a brilliant illusion rendered by the moving waters and by the magical moments its reflections create. When the mood strikes… Each session is sheer bliss and an invaluable, unforgettable sharing with the subjects into all aqua studio shape. To be wonderfully engulfed in a fascinating passion and its adventurous delinquency!

Aquatic Photography, Expertise Driven by Passion

Lucie Chantale Bergeron, Ébullition Photos founder, identifies as a lifelong learner. Constantly learning more about aquatic photography, exploring and improving one’s understanding of how light and water bubbles interact, and keeping abreast of new technologies are catalysts for photographer creativity. Having trained in Prague under Lucie Drlikovà, renowned underwater fashion photographer, Lucie Chantale Bergeron has soaked up numerous experiences she can share with her clients.

Ébullition Photos. Be an ArtWave