Underwater photo session: accessible and easy

How does an aquatic photo session work?

Ébullition Photos sets everything up to make your photo shoot experience pleasant and fun. Our professional aquatic photographer will make sure you’re comfortable and highlight your natural beauty. Even if water isn’t your preferred element, our photo sessions will certainly help break the ice, allowing you to enjoy the lightness, weightlessness and serenity of being underwater.

From your first phone call until we deliver your photos, Ébullition Photos will support and guide you to ensure your adventure is everything you had hoped. Lucie Chantale Bergeron, our aquatic photographer, will take the time to discuss your expectations, the kind of images you’d like and how comfortable you are in the water. Whatever the latter, Ébullition Photos has the experience and personal approach to help you ease into the water.

Duration of an Underwater Photo Session

A session with Ébullition Photos takes approximately three hours. Gradually, you’ll learn to relax and breathe naturally. You’ll then feel confident, comfortable and will eventually be able to let your hair down to create breathtaking photos

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